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General Information - Outbound


general information

Pre-Departure Information

Pre-departure briefing session is to provide soon-to be exchange students the most important information and reminders before they take off.


Not every host institution offers on-campus accommodation. Be prepared to live off-campus or even work on your own housing arrangements. Nevertheless, all host institutions will provide assistance for you to find proper accommodation.

Financial Arrangements

Extra costs will arise in the first month of your stay, such as rental charges and various set up fees. It is important to have a realistic idea of the amount of money you need to plan accordingly. Try to get a rough estimate of living costs from the International Office of your host university. Get tips from your UM predecessors as well.


For some exchange programmes, the host university will require you to provide proof of good health. In this case, you will need to have a medical check-up. If you have received a medical check-up from your host university, please make an appointment the nearest hospital or clinic.

In order to protect yourself from infectious diseases endemic in the countries you will study or visit, you may have to get inoculations and vaccinations before going abroad. If you need vaccination, let the doctor know if you have any allergies before receiving it. The other way to protect yourself is to investigate the public hygiene of your host country, make sure the drinking water is safe to drink and the food is clean and cooked before you have your meals while abroad.

Visa Requirements

Most countries require international students to apply for a valid student visa if they are planning to stay there for more than 180 days. Please check the requirements in detail with your host university or with the relevant consulates in Kuala Lumpur. Please bear in mind that failure to comply with the entry visa requirements may result in delays or even deportation.