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General Information - Insurance


  • Why Do You Need Insurance?

In compliance with the Malaysian Ministry of Education’s Code of Ethics, it is compulsory for all international students to have medical insurance coverage throughout the period of study in Malaysia. Among the important things in the ministry’s guidelines are : 

  1. The minimum insurance premium is at least RM350.00 per year.
  2. Insurance must cover all of the following treatment :

a)  Personal Accident & Death;
b)  In-patient Services;
c)  Repatriation; and
d)  Out-patient Services.

Insurance also important for student to apply for new or renewal student pass. Only insurance provider appointed by university and registered with Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) are allowed to proceed for student pass application. 

  • History

UM started to implement the insurance coverage system for international Student since 2007. After the Malaysian Ministry of Education (MOE) introduced the new policy of insurance for international Student, UM starts to offer the insurance coverage through an insurance company that is officially appointed annually starting from 1st December 2008.

It was started with Takaful Ikhlas Sdn. Bhd with a premium of RM856.68 per year for postgraduate Student and RM404.42 per year for undergraduate Student. It covers all four (4) elements as required in the MOE guidelines. However, the price has been reviewed because of the complaints from Student. After that, UM has decided to have a new RM300.00 insurance premium per year for all Student.

On 1st July 2009, the out-patient treatment has been removed from the coverage. This is due to the high rate of claims from the Student.Then on 1st July 2010, UM appointed a new insurance provider, ETIQA Takaful Berhad until 13th February 2013 with a premium of RM175.00 per year. The out-patient treatment is also not covered in this policy.

Starting from Semester II Academic Session 2012/2013 (14th February 2013 until 13th February 2015), UM has decided to impose new insurance coverage for all international Student with RM300.00 premium fee per year under new insurance company Takaful Ikhlas Sdn. Bhd.. The insurance coverage also replace the yearly RM600.00 health fee (which has been removed from student fees) with an outpatient coverage amount of RM500.00 per year. Insurance fee also will be included in the tuition fee structure. Student no longer need to pay insurance fees manually to the University of Malaya bank account.

  • Current Terms

From Semester II, Session 2014/2015, UM has appointed a new insurance provider. The new company will be ETIQA Takaful Berhad which was selected based on the best rates and overall service being offered. ETIQA will manage all matters and issues regarding insurance for the Student starting from 14 February 2015 until 13 February 2016. The contract for the insurance provider can be extended for another year if they have shown commendable performance and service to the Student. 

In light with the new arrangement and changes, there are several changes that will be implemented starting from the new date of service by ETIQA :

  1. All full time international students are required to purchase insurance policy from the insurance provider nominated by UM. Student who are sponsored by scholarship have to pay in advance and claim back from their scholarship providers.

  2. The insurance fees for full time Student will be removed from the tuition fees.

  3. Students have to purchase and make the payment directly to the insurance provider.

  4. Students have to directly deal with the insurance provider regarding all matters related to insurance, claims and others. The university will not handle and interfere in all these matters with regards to claims, payments, the issuance of confirmation and guarantee letters and all the related matters.

  5. The insurance provider permanent office is located at Ground Level, Blok E, PerdanaSiswa Complex UM where a fulltime staff will be on duty daily from Monday until Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm.

  6. The insurance provider will provide direct cash payment method at the counter and also online registration and payment (internet banking) through their official website www.myumtakafulplan.com.

  7. Student are required to keep the receipt of insurance payment as a proof of coverage and make a copy to apply for the new or renewal/extension student pass application purposes.

  8. Students are given the avenue to choose either one of the two (2) packages involved: 


PACKAGE A  (RM370.00) 
PACKAGE B   (RM530.00) 














The above packages are the best chosen based on the price and also the benefits and coverage being provided in the market. They have also met with the terms and ruling being set by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia.  

  1. Students have to ensure that they are being covered by the insurance provider endorsed by the university.

  2. Students that fail to get the insurance coverage will not be allowed to renew their student pass as being set by the requirement.

  3. The university will not, in all circumstances, be responsible for any issues regarding student pass validity, medical claims, medicals expenses, medical costs or any other expenses incurred for the failure of the Student to subscribe to the insurance coverage.


All Student are reminded once again that the current insurance coverage will end on 13th February every year. Thus, Student have to ensure that it is being renewed before the expiry date.


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