Reminder Notice

Kindly be informed that the existing Group Medical Insurance plan for  International Student of UM will expire on 13/02 every year and we are pleased to advise that the coverage need to be renewed yearly based on the existing Terms, Conditions and Exclusions.

Currently the premium and coverage will be as stated below: 

Plan Type             Premium Rat           
Plan 1                  RM370.00            
Plan 2                  RM530.00                            

Considering this plan is an annual renewal plan and to ensure continues coverage, we urge you to re-register and pay the premium according to your selected plan on or before the expiry date. 

We also would like to correct the wrong perception that insurance is mandatory for the purpose of visa applications only. That is totally wrong.

In compliance with the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education’s Code of Ethics, it is compulsory for all international students to have medical insurance coverage throughout the period of study in Malaysia. 

Consequences If Student Fail To Covered With Insurance

If student fail to buy or renew the insurance coverage latest by 13 February every year, than STUDENT WILL NOT COVERED by the Insurance until they re-register and pay the premium. Subsequently, 3 main Exclusions for Group Hospital & Surgical Policy (Inpatient benefits) may re-apply to those who fail to follow the instruction as follows: 

  1. 30 days “Waiting Period”
    • Any admission occurring during the first 30 days period from policy commencement/renewal date are not covered except for accidental cases only.
  2. 120 days Specific Illness
    • Any admission due to specific illness (as specified in the policy contract) occurring during the first 120 days from policy commencement date are not covered.
  3. Pre-existing Illness Condition
    • Disability existed or have developed symptoms or there exist manifestation of illness before the effective date of cover in respect to a covered person of which the covered person was aware or should reasonable have been aware, or based on normal medically accepted pathological development of the illness or illnesses are not covered for the 1st 1 year.
  4. Action will be taken by UM
  • Barring students from getting their exam result; and
  • Displaying name of students who refuse to buy the insurance policy in email, MYUM Portal and notice board. 
How To Register/Renew Your Medical/Insurance Policy?


  • Student may walk-in to register/purchase the insurance at our agency office located at Ground Floor, Block E,  Perdanasiswa Complex, UM  during office hours (9.00am – 5.00pm) - Monday-Friday
  • Payment term over the counter – Cash Only
  • If student pay using internet banking, please bring along the deposit slip as a proof of payment.



Please follow the steps below :-

Step 1     –          Log in to 

Step 2      –          Go to scope of benefits to see the detail scope of benefits. Please select 

Plan 1(RM350) if student have previously covered under Plan 1 or choose Plan(RM500) if student are previously covered under Plan 2. 

Step 3     –          Make premium payment via internet banking either CIMB click,                                  Maybank2u etc . 

Step 4     –          Go to “how to apply” à “apply now”. Fill up the form completely and attach proof of payment

Step 5     –          Click Apply Now

Step 6     –          End. Thank you. 

Step 7     –         Student may drop by at our office to collect the receipt and        Insurance Confirmation Letter for visa application purposes.

Please call us at 03-79679688 or visit our office @ Ground Floor Block E Perdanasiswa Complex, UM if student require further clarification and information. 

For detail of benefits, please visit