1. Enhance the educational experience
  2. Broaden student personal and educational perspectives
  3. Allow students to explore, appreciate and understand different cultures and societies
  4. Enhance students second language learning and life skills
  5. Strengthen the networking between students themselves and partner universities
  6. Provides the opportunity to travel 
  7. An opportunity to make friends around the world (creating network)
  8. An opportunity to break out of your academic routine
  9. Help Promote the University (UM) & the Country
  10. Promote Malaysian cultures and languages
  11. Pass on your experience to other people
  12. Enhance the value of your degree.
  13. Enhances employment opportunities in Employer’s eyes
  • Self-motivated
  • Independent
  • Willing to embrace challenges
  • Able to cope with diverse problems and situations.


What will be offered?

The University of Malaya will only pay each student up to a ceiling costs of RM4,000 which comprises of the following benefits:

  1. Return Air fare  – 70% of the total costs will be payable by the UM and the balance of 30% will be payable by the student
  2. Daily living allowance up to RM15 per day – maximum of one (1) semester only
  3. Daily Accommodation allowance up to RM15 per day
  4. Passport and visa fee costs are at the expense of the outbound students
List of Outbound Programmes