1. International Exchange students will be entitled to participate in one homestay (2 Days, 1 night) programme and one field trip programme.
  2. Students are required to choose the programmes that they are interested to participate in and register their names in the form provided.
  3. Upon registration of the programme, students are required to attend the programme. Students who have registered and failed to turn up for the programme will be barred in participating in future programmes.
  4. Students are required to abide by the rules and regulations being set by the university as well as the homestay management.
  5. Students are required to ensure their safety and security at all times.
  6. The meeting point for the pickup will be at 10th Residential College Main Gate and student is required to assemble by 8.00 a.m.
  7. Full time international students may also participate in any of the homestay/ retreat programme as well as the 1 day field trip programme with payment. It is only limited to the students and not family members.
    • Homestay Programme : RM 250 per pax
    • 1 day Field Trip: RM 100 per pax
  8. Student may contact the accompanying official for further details.