1. All booking application forms from new student must reach the International Student Centre (ISC) at least 4 weeks in advance of a new semester / arrival at UM to secure a place (subject to availability).
  2. Rooms will be reserved for 30 days after the application approved. The University reserves the right to release the room after that period of duration.
  3. Each complete booking application will be process and International Student Centre (ISC) will announce the result within one (1) week after receiving the application. The application does not guarantee a place in the Residential College. All bookings are entertained on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis.
  4. Current active student who want to apply for accommodation need to apply through MYUM portal online system. Please login to MYUM portal and apply by clicking the College icon. Application will go direct to the College that student choose. Student need to follow up with the College Management Office for the result.
  5. The full payment of the semester’s rental must be made upon check in into the Residential College. Residential College will provide the amount of payment that Student need to pay on the check in day.
  6. Students who want to stay at Residential College only for the orientation day will pay only for the duration of the orientation day and they need to vacate the rooms after the duration end. 
  7. All students will be allowed to stay at the University Residential College for a maximum of two (2) consecutive semesters only. The Residential College can consider to extend the duration only for another two (2) semester subject to : 
    • Payment record; 
    • Student activity participation; 
    • Discipline records; 
    • Rooms availability; 
    • Others   
  8. Deposits will be refunded should a student decide not to renew his/her tenancy (subject to no deductions after check out).
  9. In the event that damages have been done upon the property of the University, the student’s deposit will be used to cover the cost of returning the said property to its near original state. Besides that, cost of damage can also be charge inside student tuition fees.
  10. Students are not allowed to leave their belongings in their hostel rooms after check out / duration of stay ended. Residential College will not responsible for any problem happen to Student belonging. 
  11. If Student decides to withdraw before the end of the semester / duration (e.g in the middle of the semester / duration), accommodation fees payment made will not be refunded. 
  12. Student expelled from the Residential College for violation of Residential College Rules and Regulations shall not be entitled to get back their rental nor their deposit.
  13. Students are separated by gender to specific floors/house units in the Residential College.
  14. Students are strictly prohibited from bringing in strangers or a person of the opposite sex into their respective rooms. They are also not allowed to behave in such a manner that may embarrass or cause inconvenience to others in the Residential College.
  15. Rooms are on a twin-sharing basis and international Student will be paired with either a local or a student from another country. 
  16. Smoking, alcohol consumption and gambling are not allowed in the Residential College. 
  17. No cooking is allowed inside the rooms.
  18. The Residential College is designated as a “Halal area”. Non-halal food/items are prohibited. Such items found will be confiscated and disposed of by the staff with no compensation to the student(s) involved. 
  19. Student must keep their rooms, bathrooms and common area clean at all times. 
  20. Students are not allowed to change rooms and duplicate keys without the prior approval from the Residential College. 
  21. Student will be fully responsible for any damage or lose to the room properties will. Student need to lodge a report to the Residential College Office for any case occurs regarding the facilities provided inside the room. If the Residential College find that the damage course by the Student, they will be asked to repair, replace or pay for it.
  22. All students are responsible for the security of their own rooms. They must not leave doors or windows wedged open or left it unlocked. Visitors are not allowed to be in the rooms without Student present.
  23. In the event of investigation cases, the Warden/RH staff/Security shall be authorized to search & make inspection of all rooms, which shall not be limited to general search of common areas, but also specific areas, which are under lock and key. This may be conducted with/without the presence of the student. 
  24. The Accommodation Officer / Warden / Security Guard may conduct inspections of the premises to ensure all rules are observed at all times. Student must allow maintenance personnel to enter their rooms for maintenance purposes. 
  25. The Residential College reserves the right to terminate the tenancy of those who violate any of the Rules & Regulations of the Residential College. Accommodation fees paid shall be forfeited, and the University also reserves the right to deduct any amount owing by the student against their deposit, caution fees and other fees or impose any additional charges.
  26. All Student must comply with the rules and regulations established by the Residential College Management. The failure to adhere to these regulations will make the Student to lose the privilege of staying in the college.